Garment Care Specialists offering finest quality & service and advanced garment care systems.

Martinizing’s Signature Store exemplifies the concept of “A Boutique Dry Cleaner” offering fine quality, a personalized service experience, and specialized advanced garment care systems. Martinizing utmost commitment is earning the everyday trust of customers and protecting their valuable wardrobe investment.

A Personal Note

My name is Jorge Maspons and I own and operate Martinizing Signature. I have worked hard to create a true boutique experience dry cleaning service. If we disappoint you in any way, call my personal cell at 786-474-6280. Feel free to call with compliments, too. It’s always nice to hear how we’re doing.


In our store or at your door, your satisfaction is our number one concern. We’re proud to offer personalized attention and first-class service to our loyal customers.

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