Our customers are our best salespeople

Read for yourself.  We’re proud to deliver dry cleaning and laundry to some of the most particular and careful customers in southern Florida.  Here’s what they have to say about Martinizing Signature—

“Quality Excellent
Martinizing Signature is the ABSOLUTE BEST dry cleaner I have ever used. The quality of care is spectacular and the clothes are perfect everytime. I love that they don’t smell like harsh chemicals and they don’t have a weird chemical residue on them after they are cleaned. I HIGHLY recommend for everyone to give them a try.”
—Liz Hogan


“The owner and his staff are excellent. Very professional and you can tell they are in business to show how quality and service are the most important parts of being in business. You can tell they are in business for the long term. Anyone who tries them, will not only agree but will not go elsewhere. They genuinely care about you and your clothes.”
— Ivette Agusti


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