Exceptional. Unequaled. Fresh and soft. Meticulous.

We’re Fashion Garment Care Specialists, so you know you can trust us with even your most valued wardrobe investments. We offer the latest in dry and wet cleaning technology, our Lagoon wet cleaning system is Woolmark certified.

Besides dry cleaning and laundering your shirts, we also provide specialty cleaning services for couture dresses, leather, suede, gowns, handbags and most anything you can think of. We will also do alterations, recycle your hangers.

For quality garments, choose Martinizing Signature for Boutique Dry Cleaner quality. Let’s list our points of difference so you can compare—

No dry cleaning smell EVER AGAIN!
We feature the Green Earth Cleaning system. That means we are safely & gently cleaning your clothes in a nontoxic and odorless solvent.

Crystal-clear cleaning solutions for every cleaning load.
Our latest-generation cleaning equipment utilizes a continuous filtration and distillation process to return the dry cleaning solvent to a pristine condition, free from impurities. We use an independent laboratory testing facility to guarantee top-rated cleaning results.

Peace of mind that comes from knowing your clothes are processed on-site.
Customers coming to our upscale & fully air-conditioning facility feel welcomed by the pleasant smell & look of cleanliness. You will never have to worry about clothes getting lost from the shipping to a wholesale dry cleaning facility that you have never visited.

Trained & experienced staff committed to taking best care of your clothing.
Before any cleaning processing, a full-detailed inspection of your clothing takes place to identify any defective conditions, or any particular repairs, safeguard & return your valuables, protect or remove buttons, and take note of special care label instructions. Our garment care professionals focus on providing individual care to your wardrobe.

Professional garment care systems that make your garments look line new.
We offer the latest in dry cleaning (Green Earth) and wet cleaning (Lagoon) technology. Lagoon is the first professional fabric care system in the world to be endorsed by the The Woolmark Company, the world’s leading wool textile authority.

Softer & detail hand finish process that protects your garment’s usable life.
No shine, no seam, pocket, or button impressions, no broken buttons, soft-rolled lapels. That’s because we ONLY use European finishing equipment to individually hand-iron garments and impart a gentler finish suited for even the more delicate clothing.

Personalized inspection processes for ready-to-wear quality you can trust.
No paper tags, minor repairs fixed, loose threads snipped, missing or broken buttons replaced, link-free, perfect sharp creases, no sticky zipper.

Exclusive shirt processing service for your very finest custom-made shirts.
Collar and cuffs pretreated, proprietary brightening process, gentle pre-finish process, hand iron finish, button guarantee service, recyclable hangers.

Exquisite packaging to maintain your wardrobe in best conditions.
Our breathable packaging for hanged & knitted storage provides a safe environment to prevent accumulation of dust particles. We also utilize custom-made hangers, collar stays, tissue paper, and other items that you can chose as part of your packaging profile.

Red Carpet extras to provide you with a first-class service experience.
Our Red Carpet extras include order notification service, automatic charge payment, valet delivery service are some of the complementary service features that we offer to our loyal clientele.

In our store or at your door, your satisfaction is our number one concern. We’re proud to offer personalized attention and first-class service to our loyal customers.

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