Read why Martinizing Signature Store offers a new revolutionary wet cleaning process

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Scientifically designed with the future in mind.

Lagoon is a professional cleaning system specialized in the gentle care of the most delicate fibers and textiles. The Lagoon system was developed by Electrolux Laundry Systems with assistance of the Hohenstein Institute in Krefeld (Germany), the most highly-qualified world center for scientific research in the field of fabrics.

Integrated garment care system for best results.

Lagoon includes washing, drying, and ironing using water as a base for surprisingly effective and ecological wash. Innovative form finisher and up-air ironing table, which allow us to press on a cushion of air that will ensure the perfect finish for your clothes.

Exclusively approved by The Woolmark Company.

Lagoon is the first professional fabric care system in the world to be endorsed by The Woolmark Company, the world’s leading wool textile authority. Peter Wilkinson of The Woolmark Company recently stated: “Lagoon achieves a superb standard of cleaning and the highest level of fiber care.”

Lagoon care for your clothes and for the environment.

By using water as a natural solvent, in conjunction with specially developed cleaning programs and eco-friendly detergents & softners, it safely handles even those garments labeled as dry-clean only. With Lagoon, water used as natural solvent leaves your garments clean and fresh. The brightness of the colors and the purity of the white are preserved. The fibers recover their original softness.

In our store or at your door, your satisfaction is our number one concern. We’re proud to offer personalized attention and first-class service to our loyal customers.

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